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Not impressed by the huge variety of ladders on the market, Autohome produces its own aluminum ladders to tight specifications: light, compact, a perfect match with the tent.

Ladders available on the market are not used. Nor are low-cost mass-produced ladders. Each one comprises two halves, one sliding over the other, held together by Arnitel supports: an extremely strong plastic designed and manufactured by Autohome® to ensure sand, dirt or mud is not trapped in the sliding mechanism and the ladder works perfectly in all conditions.

The ladder can be placed at the entrance as you want, and locked automatically in position with the built-in "Security Lock". No ugly and impractical hooks.

A bag is supplied for the ladder.


The automatic spring in the "Security Lock" locks the two parts of the ladder in position for perfect stability and, above all, safety.

The "Security Lock" and attachment at the top of the ladder ensure that, climbing up or down, there is no weight on the tent. This is safe and prolongs the life of the tent. With the "Security Lock" the ladder cannot slip and slide or bump against the bodywork.


Ladders are designed ergonomically with rounded aluminium profiles for easy use. The steps are oval with anti-slip surface and can be climbed with bare feet.


The two parts of the ladder are held together by Arnitel plastic supports designed to be "open" to remove dirt ensuring a smooth sliding mechanism even on a sandy or muddy terrain.


The built-in strut has the dual function of preventing oscillation and protecting the vehicle roof or drip surface (where the ladder is used, for example, with a Land Rover Defender).

Simple, practical, without ugly and clumsy hooks.


The ladder has no fixed position at the base of the tent and so can be placed to the left or right or at the centre of the entrance, as you wish, depending on the opening of the vehicle door.

For some vehicles the tent can be attached directly to the vehicle roof runners. Rubber is fitted specifically for this purpose to prevent damage to the bodywork.

Ladders are available with the following lengths:

Art. 113 / M-ALL
Closed: 120 × 8 × 34 cm
Open: 209 × 8 × 34 cm
Max vehicle height: 190 cm

Art. 114 / M-ALL
Closed: 130 × 8 × 34 cm
Open: 232 × 8 × 34 cm
Max vehicle height: 215 cm

Art. Art. 115 / M-ALL
Closed: 147 × 8 × 34 cm
Open: 257 × 8 × 34 cm
Max vehicle height: 240 cm

N.B.: when travelling all ladders can be placed inside the closed tent except the EXTRA LONG ladder, which is too large for the shell.

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