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History changes appearances to meet new trends and Overland distinguishes itself here too. Not only for it’s tried and tested, ingenious, functional and rigorously windproof design, but also for its brand identity which outclasses any others in customer appreciation and sales. As with the whole Autohome range, Overland typifies and perseveres ground breaking innovations, such as the exclusive Automatic Ladder Security System (ALSS) that allows for secure, stable use on any ground conditions, even on the most slippery of asphalt roads.

Opening and closing

Once you have removed the cover, the tent opens in three seconds, simply by pulling down and lowering the ladder. Nothing further is required!

The Fabric

The most important thing about a tent is obviously the fabric and with OVERLAND by Autohome you can be sure you are getting the best there is. The superior quality is provided not only by the density of the material, able to guarantee insulation against the heat, cold and bad weather, but also by the stability it gives to the tent.

The density also helps to make the tent silent even when buffeted by the wind: there is no noisy flapping or turbulence.
The special Overland fabric is manufactured exclusively by Autohome with features that are able to match up to the toughest military specifications. As unlike conventional and unreliable fabrics – common in the mass market and discount stores - as possible.

1.The fabric is structurally highly performing and dense, guaranteeing maximum density for the tent even if it is 2 metres above ground.

2. It is breathable and does not require the support of additional bulky sheeting. These are generally used only to hide condensation inside the tent, without reducing it (something non-experts may not immediately realize).

3. It does not flap or make a noise in the wind or a morning breeze, guaranteeing a peaceful night and pleasant awakening.

4. With the Overland fabric, everything is flush to the walls of the tent, preventing the irritating “sail” effect in windy conditions.

5. The windows can be opened and closed even staying in bed.

6. No “balloon/ball effect” because the roof is stable, sewn tightly to the walls. No “flying” and no flapping.

For anyone sleeping well above ground these are vital features.
And that is not all…

7. In the evening, with the internal light on, no disturbing rays enter the tent; the thick, compact fabric provides maximum privacy. So, no peeping either.

8. At sunrise, the fabric remains dark, so you can stay in bed as long as you want.

For all of the reasons set out above, Overland fits an UNDOUBTEDLY SUPERIOR RANGE OF FABRICS.

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