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Sleep comfort system plus

Sleep comfort system plus

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This comfort system is a retrofit sleep system that precisely supports the alignment of the neck and spine into an orthopedically correct position. The spring elements are assembled into a comfortable substructure (slatted frame) with three different hardness zones. This open, air-permeable system ensures perfect mattress ventilation.

Curves and slopes can be perfectly accommodated by rotating or using half elements (not included). The comfort system is suitable for all sleeping surfaces in recreational vehicles (ideal for alcoves and pull-out beds), boats, or sleeping berths. The system can be clipped together tightly, moderately, or widely to adjust to individual measurements. Please order additional half elements if needed.

Extremely Low Build Height

Build Height: 3.7 cm Weight per Piece: 73 g Weight per Square Meter: 2.6 kg 3 Hardness Zones - Adjustable Hardness of Spring Elements

Light blue spring elements (soft) are particularly soft to allow the sensitive shoulder area to sink into the mattress.
Blue spring elements (standard) have the optimal hardness level for the rest of the body.
Red tension crosses can be clipped into the spring elements to increase the hardness level in different areas, e.g., for lumbar support.
The comfort system plus is delivered to you as a "Bed in the Box" in a small, convenient package!

Enhance your sleep quality and orthopedic support during your travels with the comfort system plus. Experience comfort and restorative sleep in your recreational vehicle, boat, or sleeping berth. The adjustable design and low build height make it a versatile solution, especially for tight spaces and unique sleeping configurations.

Upgrade your sleeping experience today – the perfect addition to your travel adventures. Order now and wake up rejuvenated for your next journey!

Each box contains 40 springs standard, 8 springs soft, 48 baseplates, 8 tensioners.

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